How to Attract Money?
How to Attract Money Through the Law of Attraction?

Money is just in the surroundings. It exist already in the Universe. However, not everyone experience its abundance. So what is the difference between those people whose richness is exuberant and others are lacking? The answer, it is the way people perceive money in their life is how they attracted it to their reality. The following are the fundamental steps on how to magnify money into you:

1. ASK

Asking is one way to deliver messages to the Universe  of the things that you want. The Universe must respond to it. In this step, it includes identifying your desire on how much money you really want. Then, close your eyes, relax your entire body and ASK or tell the Universe that you want it.    


Believing, with no doubt, you are informing the Universe that you can have what you desire. Remember, what you hold inside would appear outside. Believe!


Visualize or imagine that you have already receive what you have asked and believed. Think and feel of all the things that you want to buy with the money.


Receiving is the outcome of asking , believing and visualizing. Things to remember, in order for you to be in a receiving frequency, you must feel good all the time.


Remember, you acquire all the things in your life through the guidance of the Universe. That is why, it is important that part of it, you give it back to Universe. If you will going to this, you receive more and more.


Be grateful to all the things that you receive. You will notice how great the feeling it would be the moment you say "thank you." That feeling is very intense and there your power is. The moment you say "thank you" the Universe will hear it and feel glad about it. Conversely, the Universe will continually provide gladness to your life.

These are just the six fundamental steps and the most effective ways to attract  abundance of money to your life.

To better understand, below is a real  story of mine on how I attracted money into my life through the Law of Attraction:

Way back few years ago, I was an employee of one of the most comprehensible agricultural company in our place. Earning two hundred fifty pesos per day or five dollars a day. The specific amount of work being tasked to me comprises of planting herbs, weeding, propagating plants. etc. I used to work under the heat of the sun and I consider my income as just enough to sustain my needs but insufficient to support my wants.  I have a stream of thoughts of having work and earn money at home. I am so inclined into this idea because I can manage my time the way I want it to be, I'll be the boss of my own, and there will be less pressure.  At that time, I thought it was impossible to achieve and it will only end up as a dream. Then, one day as I surf the internet, I come across with an article entitled "How to Achieve Your Dreams Through the Law of attraction?" I was wondering what Law of Attraction really means? I made a research about it. And, as I understand the concept and principle of the Law of attraction, I immediately started to apply and live with it throughout my existence especially in my financial aspect. After how many days of thinking and visualizing my dreams, nothing seems to happened- no changes, no improvement and no opportunity at all. It has been three months past. After one day, I have unintentionally read an article in  a news paper column entitled "Earning Money At Home Using Internet." That article suggested a site which I can apply a job, find an employer, work and earn money at home using internet. I consider that moment as Universe' response to what I have consciously thought, felt, and believed. For me, that's an opportunity for a dream to come true. With a feeling of strong, pleasurable emotion, I took advantage to that favorable circumstance. Luckily, I was able to got a job, found an employer and suddenly working and earning money at home. Through that job, as an employee, I am accessible to browse the training module on how to create a website and earn money out from people who visit and click on the advertisements within a site. We were also taught on how to drive thousands of visitors to a site. So, the more visitors, the more chances of earning high. I imagine myself creating a website and having 10 000 visitors in a month. Approximately, ten percent of the visitors click on the advertisements and, mostly, the cost-per-click(CPC) would be around .5- 2 dollars or more. In that way I can able to gain profit at least 1000 dollars or more every month for one site only. So, as my contract for that job ends, I immediately begun designing my own website. For the first website I created, I earned 1,375 dollars from it for the first month. Now, I have six websites and I planned to make 10 sites in the future so that, with an average of 1,000 dollars earning for one site per month, I can have a minimum of 10,000 dollars income every month.  If converted into peso, that will be more than 400,000 pesos. Compare to my salary before, I was just earning 250 pesos a day or 6500 pesos a month. But now I can have a chance to acquire more than 400,000 pesos a month. Amazing!

My dream of working and earning money at home was achieved. Through the Law of Attraction, money flows to me effortlessly and frequently.

Law of Attraction really works and I have proven it to myself.

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