How to Attract Love?

How To Attract Love Through The Law of Attraction?


Our love life is one of the best things that brings color to our lives.

"When it comes to love relationships, often people think that they want a particular person. But if you think about it deeply, it is not really the particular person that they want. What they really want is to be blissfully happy with the perfect person. Yet, still, they try and tell the Universe who that person is? If the Universe is not delivering, then the message from the Universe is  loud and clear: ' I just checked twenty years ahead, and the bliss and happiness you deserve will not happen in this relationship'...

"If you are looking for love, the best chance of finding absolute happiness with the perfect person (whoever that may be) is if you surrender to the Universe. Allow the Universe to bring the love of your life to you, and move you to them."

The Secret, Daily Teachings


If it happens that you fail to win  the love of a particular person whom you are longing for, do not be disappointed. You have to understand that it is not really a particular person that we want but a relationship where we can find absolute happiness and bliss with a perfect person. The Universe can see ahead in the future if the happiness and bliss we desire can be found with that person. In order to attract successful love life, your job is keep on thinking and feeling the kind of relationship that  you dream. And, the Universe will find way to bring the perfect person that matches your desire. HOW  and WHEN it will come is the Universe job. Have faith.


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